Clothing and Accessories by DAMIR DOMA


Dio mene means “a part of me”. The mission is to create clothing and accessories that are aesthetically sustainable and that subsequently become a ”part of you”.

DIOMENE is not the end of DAMIR DOMA but a type of rebirth; an injection of new blood. The DAMIR DOMA BRAND will act as an umbrella for many new creative adventures to come.


Dio Mene means a part of me.
A part always speaks for the whole.
DIOMENE , as a whole, is a brand and a mindset. 

DIOMENE stands for reduction.
Reduction is an act of awareness and strength, of responsibility and focus: taking away the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. 

Less is always better.
Less is humble, personal, expandable, durable.
Less is about design more than fashion; about offering tools for urban life and self-representation.
Less is responsible: owning things that matter and last, produced with fabrics that respond to the need to let our environment last. Sustainable is a way to make things as well as an aesthetic outcome and a behavioral pattern. 

Design based on purity is transversal, effortless and knows no gender boundaries. It defies time and molds to one's life, building a wardrobe over time, as one wishes.
Design based on purity is sensual, too. Sensuality is gained in use. It is a matter of texture, and fit. 

DIOMENE puts the wearer to the fore, allowing one to interpret pieces of clothing that are bold in their pureness, meant to increase their aesthetic value over time, not to lose it. 

DIOMENE aims at gaining an identity from the people who put it on. It is about the ME of the individual: a part, and the whole. 


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